Balo Balo

Balo Balo


Meet Balo Balo – last of the great Chuncktas and King of the Jungle. He’s a very clever and confident King. He encourages living for the “here and now”. Happiness is key and something he promotes right across the jungle. He’s a happy King with humour deep in his heart referring to himself as “one smooth primate” who is “very beautiful”!

However, being smooth and beautiful can be hard work and even Balo admits that he’s getting older and can’t shake and groove with the best of them forever. For the “here and now” to be forever beautiful its future must be secured. The Umba Cumba festival is about to begin and it’s the perfect opportunity for the King to pick a successor in the Balo of the Jungle contest.

Animals of all shapes, sizes and nationalities gather, each demonstrating why they should be the new Balo of the Jungle. We meet the likes of Michelle the mouse from France; Burt and Bertha, two bears from America; Hapalia the hippo from Africa; Derek the duck from England; Enduba the elephant from Africa; Kip and Dip, kangaroos from Australia; Sorcha the swan from Ireland.

All the animals have different skills, talents and characteristics. Everybody has something unique and special to offer. However, word reaches the Umba Cumbra festival that a fearsome dragon is making its way to the jungle intent on becoming the next Balo. Panic grips the festival while throughout all the activity lays Leo the lion, fast asleep and oblivious to all the activity going on around him.

What will it take to wake lazy Leo? All will be revealed in this fun-filled journey deep inside the jungle, with songs for all ages and a warm message of love, respect and understanding that resonates around the world today. Remember, it’s not about being the best it’s about doing your best, and everybody has something to offer. Balo Balo is a relevant tale told beautifully and performed with such positive enthusiasm by a wonderful young ensemble. Get ready to laugh, sing and celebrate the ‘here and now’.

Unique selling points:

  • All original – Story/script, lyrics and music by David Oliver & Cat Mac Ginty
  • Copyright protected – This work has been copyrighted
  • Trademark  has been awarded
  • Commercial appeal – Songs written to be catchy, friendly & suitable to all family members
  • New – Deals with social and emotional challenges of the world of today

Educational Value (Perfect for school productions)

  • Accessible school play with an inspiring values based message – HONESTY, COURAGE & FRIENDSHIP
  • Flexible delivery – choose a specific year group or use for whole school
  • Songs and backing tracks – available to support less confident teachers
  • Music curriculum – Solo and group performances for singing and instruments
  • Easy to learn – memorable and catchy tunes and families can learn too
  • Visually stimulating – animal costumes and opportunities for behind the scenes participation
  • Original – be the first to showcase your children’s talents in a new and innovative production
  • Themes include: Peace, love, friendship, Joy, community, fun, empowerment


Absolutely brilliant! Every aspect of the show was a wow-factor.  You were able to harness the natural energy in the children and draw it out in an extraordinarily professional way.  Fabulous.  Good strong songs, laced with humour and great dance and movement throughout.  No moment of boredom.  I thought; ‘Would this show be as good if adults played the characters?’  I quickly came to the conclusion that they could not have communicated what happened last night.  The brilliance of naivety, innocence and exploration through self-consciousness has gone by the time the person becomes an adult actor.  Having said that Balo was essential.  He gave the children courage and example to let rip and be part of a great performance.  Many congratulations to all of you.  A fine piece of work.  Many thanks!!