This is Conor McGinty’s debut single ”Kings of Our Time”. After his exploits on The X Factor in the UK, Conor decided that it was time to really find out who he was as an artist – Kings of Our Time written by David Oliver


**Kings Of Our Time (Official Music Video)**??
Hi Guys, I’m delighted to announce that The Official Music Video for my debut single ”Kings Of Our Time” shot here in #Derry in St Columb’s Hall is now LIVE!! || BUY HERE – || ? Watch it in FULL HD here – ?? A massive thanks to everyone involved with my first release, to David Oliver for gifting me with this incredible song & his amazing production/arrangement on it, to Paul Brown at Primitive Soundfor the amazing job on the video, to Terry Mc Ginty at Valley Studios for his expertise in recording the track & my close family/friends & girlfriend for keeping me going with my music even when I’ve felt like giving it all up! ?

After the amazing experience that was The X Factor this year I wanted to start a career with ”My Sound” & being Conor Mc Ginty ”The Artist” not Conor Mc Ginty the cover singer .. After searching – This is where I ended up. I think it’s safe to say that with a show like X Factor it’s hard to get the best parts of yourself across & the best parts of your voice across in a produced show that’s so heavily produced & money orientated without having some sort of backing behind you – But this is my fight back! I really hope you can all get behind it. ??

As you see from the end of the video I wanted to dedicate this to My Granny Madeline who passed away last month – The funny thing is she spent her younger life working in St Columb’s Hall where we shot the video & I hope that she would be proud! ??

I hope that #Derry and all of you who have supported me for the last 4 years, can all get behind my debut release and share it far & wide! ? I really hope you enjoy the track! ?

All the best,

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