Meet Balo Balo – last of the great Chuncktas and King of the Jungle. He’s a very clever and confident King. He encourages living for the “here and now”. Happiness is key and something he promotes right across the jungle. He’s a happy King with humour deep in his heart referring to himself as “one smooth primate” who is “very beautiful”!

Unique selling points:

  • All original – Story/script, lyrics and music by David Oliver & Cat Mac Ginty
  • Copyright protected – This work has been copyrighted
  • Trademark  – has been awarded
  • Commercial appeal – Songs written to be catchy, friendly & suitable to all family members
  • New – Deals with social and emotional challenges of the world of today

Educational Value (Perfect for school productions)

  • Accessible school play with an inspiring values based message – HONESTY, COURAGE & FRIENDSHIP
  • Flexible delivery – choose a specific year group or use for whole school
  • Songs and backing tracks – available to support less confident teachers
  • Music curriculum – Solo and group performances for singing and instruments
  • Easy to learn – memorable and catchy tunes and families can learn too
  • Visually stimulating – animal costumes and opportunities for behind the scenes participation
  • Original – be the first to showcase your children’s talents in a new and innovative production
  • Themes include: Peace, love, friendship, Joy, community, fun, empowerment

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