balo balo

Balo Balo

Meet Balo Balo – last of the great Chuncktas and King of the Jungle. He’s a very clever and confident King. He encourages living for the “here and now”. Happiness is key and something he promotes right across the jungle. He’s a happy King with humour deep in his heart referring to himself as “one smooth primate” who is “very beautiful”!

Unique selling points:

  • All original – Story/script, lyrics and music by David Oliver & Cat Mac Ginty
  • Copyright protected – This work has been copyrighted
  • Trademark  – has been awarded
  • Commercial appeal – Songs written to be catchy, friendly & suitable to all family members
  • New – Deals with social and emotional challenges of the world of today

Educational Value (Perfect for school productions)

  • Accessible school play with an inspiring values based message – HONESTY, COURAGE & FRIENDSHIP
  • Flexible delivery – choose a specific year group or use for whole school
  • Songs and backing tracks – available to support less confident teachers
  • Music curriculum – Solo and group performances for singing and instruments
  • Easy to learn – memorable and catchy tunes and families can learn too
  • Visually stimulating – animal costumes and opportunities for behind the scenes participation
  • Original – be the first to showcase your children’s talents in a new and innovative production
  • Themes include: Peace, love, friendship, Joy, community, fun, empowerment

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Conor McGinty King of Our Time

Kings of Our Time

This is Conor McGinty’s debut single ”Kings of Our Time”. After his exploits on The X Factor in the UK, Conor decided that it was time to really find out who he was as an artist – Kings of Our Time written by David Oliver

**Kings Of Our Time (Official Music Video)**??
Hi Guys, I’m delighted to announce that The Official Music Video for my debut single ”Kings Of Our Time” shot here in #Derry in St Columb’s Hall is now LIVE!! || BUY HERE – || ? Watch it in FULL HD here – ?? A massive thanks to everyone involved with my first release, to David Oliver for gifting me with this incredible song & his amazing production/arrangement on it, to Paul Brown at Primitive Soundfor the amazing job on the video, to Terry Mc Ginty at Valley Studios for his expertise in recording the track & my close family/friends & girlfriend for keeping me going with my music even when I’ve felt like giving it all up! ?

After the amazing experience that was The X Factor this year I wanted to start a career with ”My Sound” & being Conor Mc Ginty ”The Artist” not Conor Mc Ginty the cover singer .. After searching – This is where I ended up. I think it’s safe to say that with a show like X Factor it’s hard to get the best parts of yourself across & the best parts of your voice across in a produced show that’s so heavily produced & money orientated without having some sort of backing behind you – But this is my fight back! I really hope you can all get behind it. ??

As you see from the end of the video I wanted to dedicate this to My Granny Madeline who passed away last month – The funny thing is she spent her younger life working in St Columb’s Hall where we shot the video & I hope that she would be proud! ??

I hope that #Derry and all of you who have supported me for the last 4 years, can all get behind my debut release and share it far & wide! ? I really hope you enjoy the track! ?

All the best,

Gutz The Musical


The Alley Theatre was packed to capacity last month as, after huge demand, the musical ‘Gutz’ returned to the venue for two nights following
its massively successful debut in the summer. From the pen of Strabane songwriter and composer, David Oliver, ‘Gutz’ is a highly charged extravagant parade that focuses on a year living in the feral, unmerciful, yet seductive lair of New York City.

The theme of gender inequality in the workplace is central throughout, as Casey Carson (Christina McBeth) moves to the ‘Big Apple’ and begins an internship for Davis Power Inc, one of the biggest financial players in the City. She is joined by Cole Jackson (Chris McLaughlin), a streetwise, tough young man from Philadelphia; the beautiful razor sharp Angel Martinez (Viki Temple) from Queens and Tyler Brown (Trevor McGarrigle), a well heeled, arrogant son of a rich man from so-called ‘good stock’ in New Haven.

The four begin their internship with the promise that one will be offered a full time position as an associate. Songs such as ‘Chasing Rainbows’, ‘Working in the City’ and ‘Take Just What You Need’ chronicle their journey from initial smalltown America innocence to a
weary and ever growing cynicism. We witness a hedonistic life in the fast lane, with the ever changing work/personal relationships between colleagues and lovers becoming increasingly fractured as the year progresses.

Ultimately, the thin veneer of big city egocentrism begins to unravel and all is not always what it seems! The music and choreography tuned perfectly into the emotionsof the plot; be it on the chaotic, alluring city streets, the tribal setting of the work place or the nightlife scene steeped in all types of walks and wild sides. As for the cast, they were more than up to this most challenging of productions, performing with the boisterous attitude and spark that the show demanded.

‘Gutz’ may have been devised, composed and produced in Strabane, but it more than stands-up to critique and will continue to develop and improve in future productions, more of which are on the way. The show takes itself on the road in 2016, starting with An Grianan Theatre, Letterkenny in March and Derry’s Millennium Forum in May. The genie is out of the bottle about ‘Gutz’ now, so snap your tickets up for those shows right away.

By Michael Ferry

Gutz The musical David Oliver



People like Christina McBeth would make you green (with envy). She’s multi-talented, whip-clever and obviously wasn’t born at the top of the ugly tree (and thus didn’t hit every branch on the waydown) – it’s just so unfair!

The 25-year-old has an endearing, easy smile too, one which borders on the sassy and as we sit sipping coffees in a cafe downtown, she strikes me as someone who is could be anything she wants to be. As things stand, Christina already has an honours degree in law and French. She can sing. She can play the guitar, the piano and the tenor horn and most recently, she wowed a succession of capacity crowds at the Alley Theatre in Strabane with her portrayal of Casey Carson in the acclaimed musical ‘Gutz’. And (and this is a big one), she can do a perfect American accent. “I was a bit worried about the accent,” Christina laughs.

She clears her throat. “I gotta get a burn on – do you mind,” she adds in a southern drawl. “But that’s part of what I loved about the musical, you could say things like that in an American accent and get away with it.” Christina is referring to David McGarrigle’s ‘Gutz’ which has garnered raving reviews since its limited run at the Alley earlier this month. Incidentally, Gutz has also secured a second run at the local theatre and the word is, it’s popularity could go stratospheric – or at least Christina thinks so anyway. A colourful tale of a small town girl (Christina’s Casey) bidding to make it in the big city, Gutz is literally all-singing, all-dancing…

For her part, Christina has been singing for as long as she can remember. She is no stranger to the Alley either having performed there on numerous occasions as one half of the McBeth Sisters (with Aoife). She is also a former member of St Joseph’s Brass Band in Strabane and is a one-time member of the folk group at Melmount chapel. And yet, despite all this, she was still hesitant about taking the lead in Gutz when she got the call from creator David. “David sent a Facebook message to me and Aoife when he was writing the musical,” she explains. “Basically he wanted to know if we’d like to be involved. Aoife couldn’t (she’s studying
medicine at Queen’s) and I thought, OK, maybe it could be a nice thing to do. “I assumed that he was asking me to be a member of the chorus; I knew his music and I thought it would be a bit of craic. But when he
said he’d like me to do the lead…” Christina trails off, wide-eyed. In short, when faced with the proposition, Christina said she’d have to think about it. It wasn’t that she was afraid of the commitment
she said (she had previously appeared in Jesus Christ Superstar at uni) but rather, she was unsure as to whether she could carry the lead off. Fortunately, she didn’t have to think too long.
“I rang him back to say I’d do it,” she smiles. “If you were talking to any of my friends or family, they’d tell you that this was perfect for me. I was still apprehensive about taking on the lead but I had auditioned for roles like this in the past in different productions but I didn’t get them. At the time, I thought, ‘Maybe I’m not supposed to get leads…’ And to add compliment to convalescence, she’s humble into the bargain.

“David was brilliant the whole way through. He was so laid back too and it was like he was saying, this is going to be brilliant if we all do our bit.” Eager to pass on credit to her co-stars, Christina paid tribute to everyone who took part in Gutz. “Absolutely everyone worked so hard to make it a success,” she said. “And it was a cast which had so many prominent roles. We had no fall-outs whatsoever and everyone got on so well.

“I think that everyone wanted to do their best for David; he’s from Strabane and most of the others are from Strabane too. Nothing was any problem for him. He was always available if anyone had a question and the way he was in rehearsals… it made going to them so much fun.” The writer himself also fully admitted he had been overwhelmed by the reaction to what was his debut piece of theatre. In fact, he said as much in this very newspaper just last week. He used the words, ‘incredible’, ‘buzz’ and ‘unbelievable’ – but not in that order. “I think it (Gutz) absolutely has legs,” Christina says. “It’s so relevant to the world today whereas if you think of other musicals, even though the songs are good, they can be a bit dated. “The music and the arrangement that David wrote for the band – it had the hair standing on the back of my neck.”
She concluded, “I’m so glad I said, ‘yes’.” • Gutz will return to the Alley in November. Tickets for these performances will go on sale in August. Check for updates.

Christina McBeth: ‘I think it (Gutz) absolutely has legs’

Gutz Gallery


REVIEW BY CONOR SHARKEY – Strabane Chronicle

Musician David McGarrigle’s latest work ‘Gutz – The Musical’ had them on their feet twice at the Alley Theatre in Strabane last Thursday night and rightly so too. From the opening number to the final curtain, Gutz was a feast of great acting, impressive choreography and of course wonderfully colourful and catchy songs.

The story itself follows the journey of small town girl Casey Carson, played by the feisty Christina McBeth, as she leaves her small home town for the first time to pursue a career in the finance district of a major city. There she encounters a cocktail of characters – from the shallow and money driven to the sweet and innocent – but who all, in one way or another, shape who she is and what she wants. A number of topics, including greed, deceit, sexism, bullying and even marriage infidelity, are explored in this, Mc-Garrigle’s debut theatre piece.

Despite the weighty subject matter though, he has managed to pull it off through a sterling cast, energetic dance routines and again, the soaring vocals of a whole range of talented singers. Prior to opening night, the director described it as a “musical for the punter”. He was under-selling it when he said that and by some considerable distance too. McGarrigle is not just a great musician but also a writer with amazing imagination and vision. And this is a technicolour spectacular that will having you singing, cheering, booing, laughing and singing again. Gutz, ladies and gentlemen, is a triumph.